My 737NGX800 Homebuilt Cockpit


The Overhead has begun.

Panels Forward Overhead. (Not Mine) Click for larger image.

Click on image to view Switch Positions - Author Unknown .

737 measurements from Marcus Pilot.Com

Printout Panels on Avery Sticky paper

Measure printed panel onto plexi, score and break. Use gloves and safety glasses!

Remove backing and carefully align and press panel printout onto plexi.

Overhead Engine start panel ready for drilling.

Lighting Panels printed out on Avery paper.

Follow the same procedure as the Start Panel above.

Fitting panels to find the overhead dimensions.

Lining up with panels for width. Everyone's OH will be different.

Fitting cardboard backed panels for sizing of frame

Adding more panels to determine overhead dimensions.

This gives me an idea of the frame dimensions.

Drilling panels for switches. Back and front panels screwed together for drilling.

Most of the lighting toggle switches in place.

Fitting Lighting and Start panels.

Inner panel supports in place. Note the line showing edge of each

Overhead frame ready for painting .

Got a pretty good deal on Sismo Aft Overhead from a fellow builder.

Sismo Aft Kit. Appears O2 needle stuck..

Change of plans. Ordered V3 OH Kit

Overhead Kit from Cockpitsimparts. Well Packed .

Needed to build a new frame as new panels were slightly bigger. Notice
all the shaded marks that need to be carved out for switches etc.

Backing plates on new frame.

First step is to build a working frame. Made of 1 x 4 inch pine.

Back View. Beginning the toggle wiring for light switches.

Fitting the panels and switches.

Placing and fitting annunciator boxes.

Used Dymo 1/4 " heatshrink tube to mark wires.

John's APU Exhaust gauge installed..

I've now started on my overhead. The build was taking forever so I decided to buy the Overhead Kit from Cockpitsimparts in the UK. The panels did not fit my previous frame so a new frame had to be constructed. Now starting to wire up the Overhead. I will be using Pokeys Ethernet cards for interfacing and a Pololu servo card for the gauges.

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