My 737NGX800 Homebuilt Cockpit


A picture progress of my Prototype Aviation Radio Build

Built a rough box to house the prototype until I build a pedestal.

Print out the face plate images on sticky paper. Two images and
two plexi plates per radio. .

Tape on a template and drill out holes
to match template. I used a scroll saw to cut the square areas.

lining up a couple of rotary encoders for adjusting the radio digits.
Remember this is a prototype.

plexi plate drilled out.

Remove the backing from the printout and align to the plate.

Installing rotary switches.

Please note, this is a prototype and the finished radio will have a
dual concentric encoder, and a test button will replace
the left side rotary switch..

A paper clip makes a good guide.

Cut out with scroll saw.

Checking the top and bottom plates for fit.

Painting the plates.

Making up leds for backlighting

Drilled small hole for each led and glued in place. This may be
overkill but will see later.