My 737NGX800 Homebuilt Cockpit


A picture progress of my Landing Gear Lever build

Face plate and wheel from GLB Flight
Products. 1/2 inch copper pipe and 3/4 x 1/2 inch reducer.

Measurements for the lever arc. Thanks to Claus Hansen for these .

laying out the side plates, Drill starter holes and cut out with
scroll saw.

checking movement with template

Put the slot 2 inches too low. Now I will have to make a foot.

Gear Lever extends 15 cm from the face plate.

A foot of aprox 2 inches height will be needed.

Checking spring action.

Powering up the Pokeys cards.

Testing Gear Up/Down Leds.

Added a third switch for Prosim hydraulics Off position.

Testing Leds. I will change out the reds to a brighter led.

Gluing on the Indicator Leds

Adding aluiminum right foot.

Adding aluminum left foot.

An idea for the trigger.

Dismantleing the Trigger assembly.

And the Gear trigger be painted red and mounted.

Temporarily glued face plate to gear assembly.

Gluing back lighting in place.

Front view.

Almost finished. Need to add trigger and a lock font.

Almost finished. Needs a little more work on back lighting.

I have finally gathered enough parts together and found the time to start on the NGX landing Gear Lever mechanism, Jan 6/2013. June of 2013, Landing Gear mechanism is pretty much complete.It seems Prosim has the timing of the gear close enough for my taste. Gear up, three Red Leds for 12 seconds. Gear down 3 red for 12 seconds, then 3 steady green. May need to add one more coat of black yet and still some tinkering with back lighting to do yet. I will add final pictures when Gear Lever is in place on MIP.

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