My 737NGX800 Homebuilt Cockpit


A picture progress of my home built yoke

Yoke Travel Seat Reference. From Rudy's site

Yoke Forward /Aft Travel Distance. From Rudy's site.

Yoke Measurements. From Rudy's site

Started with a CH Pro Yoke

Open it up. We need the two pots, a spring, the circuit board and two bushings.

Controller board.

Mark your wires before cutting. There are some wires with same colours.

Cut stem and notch it for wire, Cut one small and one larger wooden ring.

Build the walls 14mm MDF

Glue bushing inside smaller wooden ring.

Insert into elbow and drill a hole in the bottom side for a bolt.

Bolt should protrude just far enough to get a nut on over the flat bar.

Push bolt head in between elbow and bushing so it can't turn.

Drill a center hole in flat bar and secure with a nut.

Flat bar secured. Bought at local hardware store.

Glue bushing to large circle and screw into inside circle.

Elbow fits on pipe.

70 mm plumbing pipe with main pivot axle (threaded rod) running through it.

Pipe is secured to pivot axle with nuts and washers on either side inside and out.

Items to make the upper pulley insert.

Assembled. Groove is made in dowel to allow wires to pass.

Push insert until flush with stem and secure with screw. The other screw will keep the yoke stem from backing out.

Run wire up groove and align the spring retainer with the notch.

The rectangular piece at the bottom keeps the flat bar assembly from moving side to side in the pipe.

Bolt on spring retainer. Also acts as yoke handle stop.

Gears from old HP printer. Springs and turnbuckle from hardware store. Springs center yoke.. turnbuckle adjusts to 8 degrees forward. 60N dampers.

Pitch pot in place with a simple mount.

I used the design at Ian Sissons site. URL is in my Links page for more info..

Long bolt is used as a tensioner for the belt.

Soldering the connections. 14 conductors. Bolt and spring in place. Spring slightly long..may install a shorter one in future.

Soldering the connections to the circuit board.

Cut out the plastic cord retainer and installed where USB cord exits.

Everything in place .

Rear View painted in RAL7011

Front View . Bottom covered in black vinyl

Finally got started on the Yoke. It's not an ACE but for $200.00 CAD it will suffice for now. Someday a dual setup I hope. Still have the clip board and some decals to install.

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