My 737NGX800 Homebuilt Cockpit


Summer of 2014. Started my MIP.

Captains Annunciaters from CockpitSimParts

5 inch display for Captains Chrono. Due to plan change, this will now be F/O Chrono

Laying out the MIP design on 1/8 inch hardboard

Carefully drawn out from Marcus measurements

1/2 by 1 inch panel supports, screwed and glued in place.

Many will recognize the plans from Peter's "Build a Boeing" site.

Port side of MIP stand

Both ends of stand in place. Base attached. Be sure to support the structure.

Port side of MIP stand fastened in place

MIP panel temporarily in place. Base is resting on starboard side of CDU Bay.

Mounted back side of Landing Gear. Several screws.

Had to cut a hole for protruding hardware..

CDU Bay in place. Cuttout for Upper EICAS too big. Will correct in V2.

Lining Up Landing Gear face plate.

Thin aluminum plate from hardware store. Quite cheap.

Making homemade monitor mounts..

FO screen mount

FO screen mounted

Mount for Captains screen

Captains screen mounted in place

Cutting out Display covers from Plexi

Cut and snap. Quite easy. Use gloves and safety glasses.

Checking covers for fit

Lining up MIP with monitors

Lining up bottom glare panel

Lining Up Lower glare

Lining up MCP and EIFS

Mounting EIFIS and MCP

Lining up Upper glare panels

Lining Up Glare wing template

Drawing out Glarewings. Thanks To Burkhard for the design.

Cut out with jig saw, glue and sand. I used 3 14mm peices per side.

Ready to sand. See the url for Burkhard's site under Links page.

Lining up Glarewings

Covering top of glare with black leather like vinyl

Center covered and stapled

Left and center glare covered

Right Glare top covered

Glare shield document holder cut from serving tray

Meaurementss where I placed mine. From fellow builder

Cut end off MIP side wall to better suit shell

Right side of MIP side wall cut off to accomodate upcoming shell

Glare wings painted. Still need Master and Fire, six packs.

Cousin's rig

Started the MIP stand and MIP during the summer of 2014. Winter has set in so my back yard workshop has been shutdown until next summer. Started work again summere of 2015. Made lots of headway. Will have to redo MIP panel as it's about 4 inches short in width.

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